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Chinese Checkers

So, what I did something fun is “Chinese Checkers”!!! It had been more than 10 years since the last time I played it. The aim of the game is to be the first to player to move all ten pegs across the board and into the triangle opposite. The first player to occupy all 10 destination holes is the winner. Players take turns to move a single peg of their own color. In one turn a peg may either be simply moved into an adjacent hole or it may make one or more hops over other pegs. And, there is another version, which is more advanced. Also, players need to take turns to move a single peg of their own color. In one turn a peg may either be simply moved into an adjacent hole or it may make multiple hops over the same amount of other pegs (really hard!). I played both versions, and really prefer the first version, because it just killed my brain cells too much when I played the advanced one. It would be a really nice activity to entertain me and my friends!

Mind Map (image)

Mind Map_digital

Mind Map (digitization)

Mind Map_hand_drawing

My Mind Map started with the problems that plenty of people who care a lot in our daily life, and they are pretty big “topics”, such as “psychological problems”, “elderly problems”, and “allergy”, etc. And then, based on those, I stretched (digged out)the start points to much more details, like “what potential problems it might have”, “if there are some problems, how to manage them?”, and “how to improve people’s life quality with harm-free” and so on…..

Suggested Themes

Elderly Problem — “Alz’s”

Memory loss and confusion are the main symptoms. And there exists no cure, but medications and management strategies may temporarily improve symptoms. Psychosocial intervention are one of the famous pharmaceutical treatment used as an adjunct, which can be classified with behaviour, emotion, cognition and stimulation-oriented approaches. Generally speaking, how to combine all those approaches together to create a “safe”, “trackable” and “recreational” intervention is my concern.

In that case, it can not only relieve families and caregivers’ burden, but also improve alz’s patient’s quality of life, motivating them to do exercises and treatments to slow down its development.

Sleeping problem — “Snore”

Generally speaking, snoring is the result of the relaxation of the uvula and soft palate. These tissues can relax enough to partially block the airway, resulting in irregular airflow and vibrations. There are several interventions about how to stop or relieve snoring symptom. I am thinking whether we could design a product or App to help people who have snoring problem to practice their uvula and soft palate muscles, making them restore the original health status.


Common symptoms include difficulty with communication, difficulty with social interactions, obsessive interests, and repetitive behaviors. Early recognition, as well as behavioral, educational, and family therapies may reduce symptoms and support development and learning.

I am thinking whether there could be an APP that helps kids with Autism to communicate with others and express their feelings.

10 Silly Ideas

10 silly ideas


“Intelligent crib”; Doing exercise and having fun with babies together!


“Myopia-free desk”; No glasses any more!


“Health-developing refrigerator”; Stick with the refrigerator and stay healthy!


“Acupuncture Shoes”; Walk health out of your shoes!


“Mommy nursing bottle”; The safest nursing bottle ever, because the relative frequency is close to breast nursing.


“Intelligent diaper”; It tells you when your babies poop and “healthy or not”.


“Take-a-break glasses”; Take a break after a certain time….


“Health-reminder water bottle”; Drink 2 liters water per day.


“Wake up pillow”; The most gentle way to wake up.


“Safe bowl”; No more unpredictable hurt from your overheated food.


“Lost-free treadmill”; The liberation of Alz’s caregivers and families.

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