Walking and Me

Course name: Discover Chicago

Walking and Me-“Medium Style” Presentation

Date: 10/19/2016

Name: Yuzhou Lu

I still remember what I was feeling, when I firstly got into the Levan Center 502 on August 29th. At that time, I had just arrived in Chicago for one week and this is my first time studying abroad in an English-speaking Country. Thus, I was a little nervous and did not know whether I could understand teacher’s talk on the class. I was already to prepare to sit in a corner of the classroom and say nothing until the class is over. Frankly, in normal, I rather to be a noisy person than to be a quiet one. I like to exchange my ideas to others. However, because of my bad English skill, I knew pretending I am a quiet person may be a good choice. I am an optimistic person and know my English will get better and better in the future. Also, I am realistic and know I cannot communicate clear with other classmates.

Things was not happened like what I thought. As showed in the picture, “Reflection, Edge, Mystery” was the first task that Jason gave to us. To be honest, these three words may be the only things that I understood by myself in the first class, but I did not nervous at all. Because classmate sitting around me explained almost the whole rest part of class for me. If you ask me what make me connect to Chicago. The answer will the discover course. Because the teachers and classmates in this class help me recognize. They help me get familiar with the Chicago. Teachers used the walking and discuss to make me know the Chicago. Classmates introduced this city for me and even helped me order the food (I barely can’t order at first in restaurant, because I didn’t what it is! So the picture represent my whole experience in the discover class, which makes Chicago from an strange environment become a familiar place for me. This class helps me found a connection with Chicago.

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