English Classes at ESS

Today it is time to write another blog post. It’s going to be about my classes at ESS.

Frankly speaking, I enjoy my classes. My teacher, Caroline Reel, does her best to make our classes as interesting as she can.

My lovely group
It is truly cool that our classes are not similar to usual classes at school.

My group has classes under a big tent. It’s cool because there it is not too hot when it’s hot outside and it is not cold when it is windy or wet.

Usually, we don’t do boring exercises. We have a lot of exciting activities throughout our classes.

During the first week, we played many games to improve our speaking skills.

For instance, every member of our group had dice with letters on each side. After rolling the dice we had to make a sentence with words that started from the received letter.

One day we just had a walk in the forest. We were discussing our performance and had a good time.

Moreover, I like the way we learn new words. Caroline usually makes flash cards and prints them. But if we want, we can see them on her account on Quizlet. It’s a helpful tool for studying!

So, if you want to make learning new words more effective, you can try to use this website.

The second week of ESS is devoted to writing classes (and it’s the main reason why students started writing their blogs :) ). Furthermore, we practiced writing formal and informal letters on Monday.

In conclusion, we have fascinating classes at ESS. And I’m grateful to Caroline for her hard work and positive thinking.