How do you come up with a business / app / project name?

I’m often asked:

“Michael, what does Yuzool mean”

I usually just reply:

“I made it up!”

Which is true and you can read more about the decision making in that here:

But what are some of the best ways to come up with business names today for apps, services and side projects?

Name generators are quite popular:

But also today when you think of a name you want to search for the perfect domain name, Twitter handle, Instagram account and so on so you’ll need something like:

It’s actually really fun coming up with business names, especially with friends and over coffee or beer 🍺

What are some of the strategies you use to come up with names and how should we use short and memorable names or long-tail SEO focused names (e.g.

Hope your next project has a good name. I wouldn’t spend too much time on it as it’s often just another stop at procrastination station.

Happy naming!