New Venture: CoffeeBot AI; New York City; Lactaid Milk

I was talking to Andrew Sispoidis this Tuesday about startup world, New York, social media, and life in general. One of the things we discussed was my market development strategy for CoffeeBot. Three major ways: voice, video, and writing; so, the first thing I’m doing is getting back on Medium. I will be documenting CoffeeBot development from an idea concept to as far as it gets (it’s quite big in my head).

I have recently moved to NYC to pursue my entrepreneurial spirit, and for many other reasons. The first thing I did was trying to find a spot with the coffee that can fulfill my caffeine needs. For some reason, not a single coffee shop on Manhattan or Brooklyn has lactaid milk as an option for a coffee (lactose-free milk with no added flavor; I’m lactose-intolerant, btw). It seemed so strange to me, since every single shop in Canada has it. Even Starbucks.

After a month, I had to stick with almond milk lattes. Around the same time, I started working on CoffeeBot. I decided to take a different approach this time. I’ll write about my approach in details in the next post. Anyway, I was able to connect with the owner of Ad Hoc Collective. Really cool place, where you can grab a coffee and shop for your next piece of furniture. That place now has lactaid milk. Check them out!

I’m going to Silicon Alley Meetup this Thursday, which should be exciting since I can acquire new connections. I’ll talk about my approach for reaching out to business owners with zero connections in a new town in the next post.