Practical Self Management Intensive — Week 1 Reflections
Heather Hanson

Forwords: I’ll do my best to give you a genuine feedback. I just hope I use the right words / phrases. If what you read sounds weird, it’s probably my broken English. (Yeah! I know… I keep on improving, you know.) So if you are not sure to understand me, just tell me. I’ll do my best to say it with other words.
First of all, I love your approach to reflections on week #1. It’s a lot about how you feel, about acknowledging people from your group. When I read it, I thought: “Wow, what an open heart!” I share your feelings about going back to school, getting connected to new people, being away from large, toxic organizations.
I agree when you say that “The self-directedness, autonomy and trust needed are not necessarily present or desired in every organizations.” But I am not sure to understand “these practices are not for everyone”. I believe that if we take someone out of a large, toxic organization (where they don’t really have the choice to be free and accountable), they might have a chance to be more open to another way of working, as sincere human beings.
Thank you so much for your fresh reflections! I’ll look forward to reading you next week!

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