A Silicon Valley Wake Up Call
Justin Kan

I call this good intentions. I am in favour of good intentions, because they’re 1% of the path, but at least, that’s the right path.

Yes, some social networks outweigh the populations of many countries. Moguls of the tech boom are just like the moguls of the Industrial Revolution, not better or worse (and I credit Thiel for honesty). It took a few decades for the people and the govermnent to come down to Antitrust; today, the same hijacking process is going on, only this time, it’s not coal or railroad, it’s the minds of the people, and it is so much more scary.

On the Trump issue: I also agree Trump is not the problem, the problem is us. We. I. To some extent, his election is good in that it blows a whistle; otherwise, we would have sleepwalked further into the establishment dead-end.

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