Dear America. I’m sorry. Kind regards, the UK.
Mya Medina

quote “ …he is an academic whose funding relies heavily on the EU. We vowed never to visit cities that voted overwhelmingly in favour of Brexit” /quote

  1. Is it all a money issue after all?
  2. Whoops: punish whoever don’t not vote like you?

… or call them haters. I am also no Trumpist by a long shot. However, when common people, asleep and voiceless for decades, wake up and show the affluent elite (you and me, who else is at their middle finger, it’s time to wake up and reflect on ourselves. Not ostracize, not call them names, but see to it that democracy moves out kleptocracy and back to grassroots. That Trump won’t help is a given, but the issue is not him — it is us, you and me. OMG how bad have we messed our ideals.

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