Testing love. You dare?

In love there is now place for lies and cowardice in fact there shouldn’t be place for that anywhere. The only bare reason for it existing is learning it is existing and growing out of it. Confronting this fear of protection that starts feeding on deeply hidden insecurities that are the curse for ever growing beauty. Testing love. You dare? Well the way you will find out if it was love is when it is not there anymore because that is the only sure way to loose it. And that is how cynical life can be sometimes. No, you won`t be friends. Not now. Some goodbyes are just goodbyes others are forever. Where there was love there will always be love. But this love is in the past. You are here.

Simple as it is in its raw shades love transcends, envisions and captivates in a lovely beautiful scenario we want to believe. Actions before words, but even words can be charming for those wanting to believe in the mirage. Or is it?

We say what we need and what we want but find each other drown in what we said we didn`t want anymore. Nature probably and most surely. But we are human not animals responding to pure instincts so should we elevate from that prime essence or just allow it to be?

Worthy of happiness or not? Do you believe it? He chose you not them. He saw. But you didn`t. You looked for punishment. For what? For who? Till when? Until he leaves. There you have it. Now you are not happy. When you are happy then you have no reason to be down and the lows are so comforting sometimes. You get used with that don`t you?

When you have the rare moment of ecstasy, of impulse running throughout your body, of feeling of unity and compatibility, of that spark, live it do not wait, no place, time difference, situation or barriers can be obstacles for it. Keep it. Maybe it won`t last. Maybe it is a moment. But it is worth it. All of it. Maybe that moment will evolve into another even more beautiful moment. Don`t satisfy it fully. Cherish it. Maybe that moment was a moment just as an idea for the moment but cannot be one by itself cause it’s an illusion in its essence, beautiful but lie. Or it will leave space empty aging into none. There is love that can be experienced but not lived. Like a little glimpse of what is there but the hand grasps nothing when you reach. You won`t know. You can`t know. There is no knowing. There is feeling. So moment is here. Give in. Be weak and strong and soft. I am too.

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