Creative Photography Tips For Summertime By Yvette Heiser

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3 min readSep 21, 2021

Warm, bright days and summer excursions urge you to get additionally creative with your camera. How might you exploit the sunny season to create extraordinary pictures? Regardless of the early dawns, late dusks, and cruel daytime daylight of summer, it is yet the best time to click pictures. Being outside in the sun makes your glow differently and simply feels so great.

In case you are battling to concoct innovative photography ideas during summer, Yvette Heiser has a couple of tips that may help. Yvette is the creator and photographic artist based in Texas and understands the passion everyone has towards photography especially during summertime. Below are some tips from the expert himself that you can try to make the most out of summertime and capture the best moments on your camera.

Capture the story

Photography is a type of correspondence. You need your pictures to recount the narrative of summer and how it affects you. Contemplate how summer makes you happy, and endeavor to catch that in your pictures.

Does that time remind you of picnics, bright daylight, beautiful sunrise and sunset, car rides, spending time at the beach? Do you remember summer blue skies, bursting warmth, and green farms? Is it a chance to go through spending quality time with your family, go swimming, fishing, the pink sky at night? These moments could all be transformed into memorable pictures that catch the disposition of summer. The main thing is to add a personal touch to your pictures and capture the subjects that address summer to you.

Use color essentially

Living in Texas, where winter is dark and makes a dreary scene, everyone anticipates summer since it carries with it rich and soaked colors. Adding solid and brilliant tones in your photos gives a sign that it was clicked during the summers. The decision of which explicit shadings you incorporate can assist you with recounting your mid-year stories even more viably. Utilizing warm tones or a sprinkle of a lively red, yellow, or orange loans an impression of warmth to your photo to make you look beautiful like sunshine. Interestingly, you can likewise add cool tones to add liveliness to the picture.

Avoid bright light

The bright sunny day of summer is the worst time to click pictures. In case you are shooting in the day, the brilliantness of the sun can make dull shadows or cause them to squint making them look worse. To stay away from this, attempt to click pictures in shade or before it is too bright. On the other hand, if the shot is being presented, you can utilize a diffuser to relax the light. A diffuser is just a piece of clear material that dissipates light beams. Diffusers lessen glare and cruel shadows. Another best way is to wait for the golden hour, it is a half-hour before and after dawn. For photography, it is the best time during summer as the sunlight falls at a particular angle, adding warmth, gentle light, creating softer shadows that make a summer photograph perfect.

With these tips from Yvette Heiser in hand, you are ready to get out there in the sun and enjoy creating some memories.



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