Yvette Heiser — Top Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

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3 min readJan 11, 2023

Weddings are quite the special events. When photographing a wedding, a variety of things need to be taken care of so that you capture all precious moments in a way that is not only perfect but also makes the moment unforgettable for those that happen to be a part of it. Here are Yvette Heiser — 12 Exclusive Wedding Photography Tips to help you get the best shots when starting out on your photography journey.

Yvette Heiser — Top Wedding Photography Tips for Beginners

1. Learn about the client and their expectations: When it comes to weddings, there are moments that the couple wants to have captured and perhaps in a certain way, hence speak with them and better get to know their requirements as well as expectations.

2. Have a suitable checklist: Once aware of what the couple expects, create a checklist of all shots the client wishes to have and that you deem would be memorable for them and follow it.

3. Work with a team: A single person can’t cover an event as large as a wedding, so working with a team is the best strategy so you don’t miss out on one precious memory.

4. Bring suitable equipment: Being prepared in the best possible way is essential when it comes to huge events. It might be helpful not only for yourself but also for fellow team members. Given the space and number of events to be covered, it is significant to be prepared at all times.

5. Know the program schedule: Having the overall knowledge of how the events would be conducted and their tentative order would allow you and your team to be better prepared for it so that you can get the best shots. Also, it helps you better strategize to cover the entire thing without hassle.

6. Know your lighting: Carry lights you think are required and have an idea of the amount of natural lighting you find and where so that you can use it to your advantage.

7. Get the exposure right: It is essential to keep an eye on the exposure, keeping in mind the bright attires, especially that of the bride.

8. Be prepared for all situations: Wedding-like events might involve various situations, so it’s best to be well-prepared.

9. Be professional: All events call for a professional approach so that the process can be conducted in the best and smoothest way possible. Read more at 10 Secrets About Yvette Heiser Photography You Can Learn From TV.

10. Know when to be distant and when to move in closer: Keeping the importance of the moment and client requirements in mind, be mindful of how you capture moments to not intrude on something monumental for the couple.

11. Don’t interfere with subjects: Try to capture as many natural moments as possible to preserve their originality.

12. Learn from each event: Each event can be a learning experience. Improve as you go.

That brings us to the end of Yvette Heiser — 12 Exclusive Wedding Photography Tips. Read more at 10 Secrets About Yvette Heiser Photography You Can Learn From TV.



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