Savor your single status

Ever feel judged or ‘less than’ because you’re single?

I’ve been single for the past 15 years & lived through it all. True love (back in the dinosaur years), heartbreak (annual event), being the odd one out (I am the ONLY one in my extended family who isn’t married), being told I can’t have kids (39, breast cancer induced menopause). Sound miserable? The reality is, my life is anything but.

If you’re single, you might think you need completing. You don’t. And here’s a fact -you might not be single for ever. Which means, the time to savor your current single status is NOW. So rather than worrying about it, take some time to consider why your life is great exactly as it is. Footloose and fancy free!

Here are my top 10 (ok 12) single pleasures;

  1. I’m the CEO and treasurer of me — and I run this company exactly how I want to, without needing to check in with the share holders. If I want the shoes, I buy them.
  2. I sleep diagonally in a queen size bed. Every. Single. Night. I also invite my dog in for cuddles whenever I want. I set the temperature the way I like it. I sleep in very little and nobody takes it as an invitation.
  3. Speaking of which, sleep is a right not a privilige — what do you mean you only got 4 hours? That’s insane!
  4. Have passport, will travel. Regularly. We can’t take for granted the freedom we have to explore and travel this amazing world of ours as single folks. Ask my married friends, they tell me regularly.
  5. I’m not just an Auntie, I’m a best friend, super powered adult (to my nieces & nephews) — my relationship with ‘my kids’ is different & in some ways better than yours.
  6. Variety is the spice of life — I have to say that right? OK, I’m not sure about this one, but it’s going on the list just the same. Maybe if I was 10 years younger or male I might feel more passionate about this.
  7. Tears are for relationships (or actually really sad things). When I’m dating I’m crying. Is this why I’m single? No, because this is a pattern far beyond my own limited experience.
  8. I have very close friends, lots of them, male & female all over the world. I can drop everything and go to them when they need me. They listen to me, entertain me, share my passions, my travels and my life.
  9. I’ve got time to take on new challenges & commit to them (see I’m not a commitment phoebe). Rock climbing, yoga teaching, salsa dancing anyone? Ok I don’t salsa. But the rest — yes.
  10. I don’t watch anything on TV because somebody else wants me to. Nothing. Ever. HBO & Showtime all the way. And Netflix (but no chill).
  11. If I want to obsessively snapchat, write or scroll through Instagram I do. Or take selfies with model filter. No judgement.
  12. Meeting the man of my dreams & all the giddiness it involves is still ahead of me. Maybe even the best sex of my life. Exciting right?

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