Black Women vs. White Men In Public Spaces: Crosswalk Experiment and Relevance
Kayla Renee Parker

I think there is an overwhelming problem of men getting ruder every generation in many countries. :( They will elbow me out of the way and rush past me to get a seat on the tube. 
As I’m white, I can’t speak to how much worse it may be if I was not. I completely believe you and sympathise.
Here in London it seems to be a disregard of respect for everyone. The nicest people I have met that have ever helped me or been friendly are not even from here. They are from Australia, Ireland or South Africa! LOL
The only time I’ve ever seen this rude behaviour by women against women, is in Italy where they will hit you with their bag or whip their hair in your face just because they are complete b***ches.
I find myself holding open the door for whoever is behind me, male or female but more often than not that is after a man has dropped it in my face. Too busy and important to give a toot.
I have tried to get directions in London a few times from people while on my way to an interview etc. Just saying “Excuse me?” to them gets you a face full of shoulders or elbows. I wondered if I had looked homeless and begging and felt like poo, but it’s not us is it?
Chivalry is more than dead I’m afraid. When I’m in a fed up arsey mood about their rudeness, I will body slam them. The best thing to do is brace and stand still shoulder ready for them to receive the body check they deserve. “Sorry, my bad a-hole!”

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