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Mine was a similar childhood at the hands of my absentee womanizing alcoholic father who would regularly leave us with what I refer to as the evil stepmother he had impregnated with his child, was kicked out of her home by her own mother and who had come to live with us as her penance. She inflicted that penance on my brother and I at every opportunity, more so on my brother since he had ADHD and she couldn’t relate to him whatsoever, keeping him kneeling in a corner of his room all the day long, which to this day has negatively and permanently affected him. I have grown to leave it in the past for the most part so the pain doesn’t consume me in the way that it used to. I had a little more leniency since I was a girl, although a Cinderella type at that. I felt so very bad for my brother, although I couldn’t do a thing about it lest she inflict her lashings. Lashings just for the mere existence as extensions of our neglectful father and the wish for our disappearance that eventually she gained after deciding to leave him by sending us back to our mother after having me contact her via the return address of the mail she had withheld from us both over the course of over 5 years. Free at last, liberation!