What some of us don’t understand is why Bernie or Busters who said they would never, ever, ever…

Awww…we left her no choice. Ohhh no! I feel so bad for her. She’s such a victim. Here’s a thought….Maybe if she were honest and not such a crook (pay-to-play when she was secretary of state to benefit the Clinton Foundation, which has only given 1 percent of all its money to charity) we may have voted for her. I also don’t vote for Republicans, and she is one. Pro-TPP, pro-fracking, pro-regime change in poor countries, calling young African-Americans “Super-predators,” advocating paying Haitians less than 60 cents an hour to benefit her corporate donors who do business there, against $15/hour minimum wage, against single-payer health care, anti-free speech when someone says something she doesn’t like (talk to Bernie delegates who were virtually shut out of the Democratic convention in Philly) Oh yeah, she consults with the war criminal Henry Kissinger and top Republicans while promising to support Progressive causes. You can’t have it both ways, well, unless you’re Hillary. Many of her supporters refuse to use critical thinking skills, as evidenced by your answer. Hey, how did it feel to have your candidate lie to you for over a year about never transmitting classified emails via her private server? James Comey’s press conference and testimony before Congress proved that she lied. But, I know, it’s just all a big bad “Republican conspiracy.” Tsk, Tsk, poor Hillary.

As far as average people working on Hillary’s campaign, I don’t see how you can argue that far more people were inspired by Bernie’s campaign than are about Hillary’s. Debate parties, marches, pot-luck dinners to raise money for his campaign, YUUGGE rallies, Bernie dolls, bake sales…the list goes on and on. No, Hillary hasn’t had that kind of enthusiasm for her campaign by as many people.

I will say this, you are absolutely right. Clinton will win. It’s a done deal, all rigged just like the primaries were (The most telling evidence was the difference in exit polling, by double digits, from actual results. The State Department considers elections in other countries invalid if exit polls and actual results differ by more than 3 percentage points). But, it’s OK to have exit polls and actual results in this country differ so much as long as the bankers’ candidate wins. The one percenters, who use electronic vote flipping, voter suppression techniques and outright fraud, don’t seem to bother Clinton supporters because, “Trump is scary!”

I wish you and your ilk would understand where many Berners’ stanch refusal to vote for her comes from: a rigged election process that is stealing our democracy and a candidate whose policies benefit the wealthy and screw over the poor and middle class. Bernie woke us up. I sure hope for this country’s sake others — including yourself — realize that BOTH parties are equally corrupt and don’t give a fig about us unless we write them a nice, fat check. And Hillary, my misguided friend, represents everything Democrats USED TO rail against.