What you want to happen and what is likely to happen are two different things.
Robin Nelsen

Being loyal to a party of corruption, election fraud and voter suppression is not something I would brag about. Also, Hillary leads because of the latter two, but you obviously don’t care about free and open elections — as long as your gal wins.

You’re are correct in implying that most Bernie supporters don’t give a rat’s ass about the Democratic Party. I certainly don’t. In fact, I and most Berners will do everything in our power to destroy the current party, and I will enjoy every moment of it. What you Hillbots fail to understand is that 43 percent of Americans now identify as Independents, and more are shedding the chains of the Democratic Party every day. Just remember … Hill will need Progressives, Independents and yes, even some Republicans to win in the general election. And she won’t get them. Instead of praising Bernie’s ability to attract and energize a politically diverse cross-section of voters, Democratic Party leaders have tried to crush him underfoot, preferring Hillary, their corporate-bought, war-mongering, one percenter. That’s fine. But come November, if she is indeed the nominee, they will wonder why a Republican won over their handpicked candidate. And I will laugh, and laugh, and laugh…#FeelTheBern

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