What a specimen here: a hybrid of wishful thinking (as if anybody outside a few urban enclaves…
Ron Collins

Bernie won the primaries against Clinton. See DNC lawsuit and Election Justice report of how primaries were rigged. Don’t forget WikiLeaks either. AND Bernie garnered many Republican votes during the primaries as well. Once you stop looking through the political spectrum of right vs left, you will see that the real divide in our country is the 1 percent vs the 99 percent. Then we could actually unite as a people and get things done in this country FOR the people. But you seem all too willing to continue to be played by both parties and their right-left philosophies, which only divide us and accomplish nothing for the American people. No, I am a patriot and will try to stay here and work with others to try and save this country, which is currently run by corrupt psychopaths on both sides of the isle. I will do my best to wake people up, including you, to how the so-called leaders of this country are traitors who should be prosecuted for treason by working against the American people. The Republicans are using you just as bad as the Democrats are using people on the left. To keep framing the discussion as left/right, Republican/Democrat is a losing proposition that has the elites continuing to take our tax dollars, do nothing for us, and laugh all the way to the bank. Good luck with that.

P.S. We pay taxes and what do we get for them? Crumbling infrastructure, expensive, ineffective healthcare we pay for privately, college educations that leave us in debt, inferior schools, etc. My point is you — and the American people — should demand more for what we pay. Spend that money on us since we pay it anyway. I want our tax dollars spent on the people, not war for corporate profit. You should be demanding that of our leaders as well.

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