Oh for fuck’s sake.
Jessica Orsini

I actually don’t like the caucuses either. I’d like to see them gone. But I’d also like to see paper ballots, not electronic voting machines, so that primary results can’t be tampered with. Please see hyperlink in my column that explains the shenanigans going on this primary cycle, mainly voter suppression and election fraud. BTW: The Nevada caucus is in three tiers. Hillary won the first and Bernie won the second. That’s the way it works. Saturday’s state convention was the final prong of the process. Once again, I have a Hillary supporter who doesn’t bother to consider any evidence, even when it is put before them in 15 hyperlinks, but would rather cuss and throw a tantrum. I’ve compiled the articles, studies and videos for you. The least you can do is read them. Have a nice night.

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