The thing is that I don’t trust Wikileaks.
Jan Glynis

I don’t care what Wikileaks’ motives are. Don’t fall for the Democrats’ and mainstream media spin, which is to distract from the damning info. contained in the emails and instead focus on who allegedly released them and why. Now, it’s the evil Russians who released them, which is a lie. The government has provided zero evidence of a Russian connection. We in the US have a bad habit of historically making Russia the boogeyman. I had hoped people could see through that outdated political manipulation.

Assange and Snowden are heroes. They released info, so the public could see how corrupt their government is and they are branded as criminals and exiled as a result. Hillary mishandles much more sensitive info simply to avoid Freedom of Information requirements and requests, and she’s about to be made president. The double standard is stunning as is the willingness of people to accept such absurdities.

Michael Moore, whether you like him or not, published an article today outlining how Trump doesn’t want to be president and why he is running. I agree with every word. Here’s Moore’s article:

We have to use our skills of deduction here to get at the truth behind Trump’s run because no one directly involved will tell us, for obvious reasons. The Clintons have been friends with Trump for 40 years, attended his last wedding, Trump donated to Hillary’s New York Senate campaign, and was a registered Democrat until 2012. As the election nears, his behavior has gone more off the rails. Of course, he’s trying to throw the election and help Hillary get elected. People who have worked with him say he doesn’t act this nuts privately, although he isn’t a feminist by a long shot.

Clinton scares me so much more than Trump. She has already talked about taking military action in Iran and if necessary, against Russia. World War III will be here in no time if she doesn’t tamp down her rhetoric. Trump is an idiot who will need to spend time finding the nearest restroom in the White House. Hillary knows the lay of the land, literally and politically, so she can do so much more damage in so little time. Trump’s agenda will go nowhere in Congress. Nowhere. Also, he, at least, is against the TPP. Hillary’s VP is for it as is the guy she just picked to head up her White House transition team. Read about him here. He’s scary, in my view.

Hilary is a Republican who just so happens to have a “D” in front of her name. Just look at her policies and votes, which I’ve listed in previous responses. Is she a Teabagger? Absolutely not. But she is a Republican — pro-war, pro-trade deals, pro-oil, especially — in the traditional sense of the word, not what a Republican has come to mean today. FDR would have a very hard time recognizing her as a fellow Democrat.

I dislike Hillary for her lack of honesty, her duplicity, and her failure to ever take responsibility for her actions. It’s always “I misspoke,” “It’s a Republican conspiracy,” or, as in the case of her emails, she throws underlings under the bus or outright lies. I also resent that she acts like the other side is evil while her record is so flawed. I resent that she has hoodwinked so many people who then vote against their own interests, thinking she cares about them and will actually do something to make their lives better. At least with Republicans, you know they’re bat-shit crazy and worship at the altar of big money. But with Democrats like Hillary, they smile in your face and stab you in the back, which make them far more dangerous.