Who cares if you are passionate? This is a democracy!
Noah Mullette-Gillman

I’ve answered all these points. Jesus people, read. See responses about Southern state primaries deliberately being first up to make it look like she is trouncing, the fact Dems historically lose the South in the general anyway, so it won’t matter, cheating at polls by Clintons, the fact voting resumes TOMORROW IN ILLINOIS VIA JUDGE’S ORDER DUE TO CORRUPTION THERE. My point? Illinois isn’t decided…I repeat for the thick-skulled…until all votes are counted. Simimar questions being raised in Mass, NC, and Florida. What? The media didn’t spoon feed it to you? Well, then, it can’t possibly be true! Jesus Christ Almighty! Get informed and stop being lazy about checking my former responses. #FeelTheBern

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