Patronizing someone is never an effective means of getting them to see your side.
Cathleen Cotter

Nor is swearing at people an effective form of communication. Death threats to the chair of the convention? Can you provide some links, sources, evidence? And I don’t mean it was said on Reddit or in a FB group. IF it’s true, which you haven’t provided any evidence that it is, then of course that’s not OK. This is where I get frustrated with many Clintonites. Many, including yourself, are engaging right this very moment in something known as gaslighting. It’s a psychological strategy in which the abuser blames the victim to the point the latter begins to doubt reality. Victims (Sanders’ supporters) starts to question their own perception of events because the abuser (DNC, Hillary, et al) has mentally abused them for so long.

In the case of Nevada, the abuser — Lange and the party bigwigs — unilaterally changed the rules of the convention to the disadvantage of Sanders. She is seen on video (check hyperlinks in my original post) making motions, seconding her own motions, and then saying “motion carries” when clearly the “nays” had it. Not very democratic. Sixty-some Sanders supporters had their credentials checked and then were excluded from participating. Ok, fine (not fine). But no Hillary supporters had their credentials checked. Why the double standard? Hey, if one group is expected to follow established rules, then so should the other group, right? Some Hillary supporters now claim — after Berners pointed out the disparity — that eight Hillary supporters had their credentials checked. I’ll believe it when someone can roll the tape. And 60 vs. 8???? Seriously??? Oh, that’s fair.

Now, the Nevada caucus happens in three parts. You are correct: Hillary won in February, and Bernie won the second round last month due to Hillary supporters not showing up (an indicator of how much enthusiasm there will be for her in the general if nominated). This last prong of the three-part process was very important, and chaos ensued.

I watched the entire convention proceeding live on Periscope. I don’t need a media account to tell me what happened. I also rely on what delegates who actually were there said to fill in any gaps in information. I certainly won’t rely on the likes of CNN, owned by time Warner, which is among Hillary’s top 10 campaign donors, to give me the real story. Follow the money, always follow the money.

And now …. with Democratic leaders caught with their hands in the cookie jar of democracy, and tipping it over — they are coming after Sanders and his supporters. It’s like the politician who yells “terrorist” when he’s caught in bed with his mistress. Divert, divert, divert.

And, unfortunately, you fell for it. You are focusing — just like the the political and media elites want you to — on something that supposedly, maybe, allegedly, happened after the fact while ignoring the cause of why so many Sanders’ supporters are upset.

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