I’m sorry… I thought it a given that anyone following the news knew about the death threats…
Cathleen Cotter

Now, who’s being patronizing. No, in fact, I do not watch mainstream media at all, and I’m more knowledgeable about our government and media because of it. Getting your news from the mainstream is nothing I would be personally proud. You’re right. Blue Nation is crap, so forget it.

The story about chairs being thrown? False. I have talked with people who were there. The chair throwing never happened, period. Your article from the New York Times, which has done its best to ignore Bernie all together this primary cycle, is no good either.

When the paper did cover him, it wasn’t good. The paper went so far as to do some creative (and negative) editing of a once positive story about how Bernie is known as the Amendment King legislatively.

This journalistic bias made the rounds in many alternative news sources but was downplayed in mainstream media (for obvious reasons). I’m not trying to be dismissive of what you present here. I want people to start thinking critically about the “news” they consume for information.

I’m still not convinced on the death threat. I want video, sorry. Why? Because the death threat allegation did not come out until after Sanders’ supporters began posting video of the convention during which Lange and Boxer acted reprehensibly.

Last, you didn’t address any of the points in my last response to you.

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