Well, I would advise you to check out the “aftermath” of the Nevada caucus, and the corresponding…
Mark Pringle

Sexism…. I’m so tired of her followers claiming that. Having female genitalia does not make you immune to criticism, especially when it’s warranted.

We are angry because we don’t feel Bernie or his message (or us, really) have been given a platform at all. The media bias (blackout for months; outright lies, marginalizing), the obstacles placed in our path by the DNC (limiting numbers of debates, criticizing Bernie when they should remain neutral), the political establishment, which has contempt for Bernie and his supporters, the several documented cases of election fraud and voter suppression (please see hyperlink within my original post)…it all contributes to some very deep frustration on the part of Berners. Nevada just seems to have sealed the deal, so to speak, for many of us who now say #NeverHillary. It’s not just a hashtag or a slogan. We’re tired of having “democracy” as an idea; we want it in practice.

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