Trump, Clinton sling shit during second presidential debate, avoid hard issues

By Yvonne C. Claes

Here’s what I learned as a result of the second Presidential debate: a fly landed on Hillary’s face, Hillary and The Donald lied almost as much as they told the truth, Trump’s sniffles were out of control, Trump appeared to some Clinton supporters to have “stalked” their candidate from behind as she responded to questions, and the reality TV star said the former Secretary of State should be in prison — and would be if he’s elected.

We also saw how four former sexual assault/harassment victims of Bill Clinton were seated in the front row, compliments of the Republican nominee; heard how President Lincoln is to blame for Hillary having public and private positions, and Russia is trying to undermine our elections, even though there’s not a shred of evidence to support that claim.

Trumped: The Donald got off a pretty good one-liner, but I still find him and Clinton disgusting and woefully inadequate to lead this country. Vote for Jill Stein.

In other words, it was a shit show. And the American people are left to hurl insults at one another online and in-person over which of the two candidates is least reprehensible.

I didn’t watch the debate live. I couldn’t. I knew that if I did, I wouldn’t sleep a wink. I’d be too angry at everyone, including the media which has worked overtime to thrust these two pieces of shit onto the American electorate while ignoring honest alternatives (Bernie Sanders during the primaries; Dr. Jill Stein now).

Also drawing my ire would be both political parties, the two candidates, and the public for accepting such a sad state of affairs and lacking the balls to vote Third Party, thereby condoning the bullshit.

Instead, I cleaned my toilets during the debate. It seemed appropriate since both candidates are leading this country deeper down the crapper. They sparkle…my toilets, not the candidates.

I did watch the debate this morning, and I wasn’t surprised by anything. As expected, Clinton smiled when she lied or felt uncomfortable — which was pretty much the entire debate — and Trump huffed and puffed like the buffoon he is when he thought his greatness was being challenged — which was pretty much the entire debate.

This election cycle has me feeling like I’m trapped in an episode of The Twilight Zone, only the latter isn’t reality and the former depressingly is. Rod Sterling would be rolling in his grave.

America, thanks to our corrupt and inept government and now our pathetic two-party nominees, has become an international embarrassment. Yet, the passion on both sides rages on. It’s a futile undertaking.

Defending Trump or Clinton is like defending two piles of shit, one with corn, the other with peanuts. They’re still both repulsive shit piles, and no amount of room deodorizer will get rid of the festering stench.

Meanwhile, the candidates glossed over or failed to mention the real issues adversely affecting so many Americans: Campaign financing, which has left the middle class and poor without representation in our government; astronomical increases in health care premiums and deductibles, which has led many people to forgo medical treatment until their health has deteriorated beyond the point of no return; climate change, which 99 percent of scientists agree is the environmental crisis of our time; k-12 education, which is systematically being dismantled in favor of charter schools, which sap public schools of needed taxpayer funding; and the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would rob Native Americans and others of access to the most precious resource of all: water.

But nevermind. Let’s instead talk about Trump’s “pussy” comment and how Bill can’t seem to keep his dick in his pants, shall we? Because those topics are relevant to average Americans. I mean, what shall I do if I’m ever left in a room with Donald and Bill? I guess I’ll have to protect my privates and make sure no cigars are around.

The Trump family after the second debate, purses over and arms crossed, covering a sensitive body region.

By the way, I’m not demeaning the importance of including rape in national dialogue. I am a victim of sexual assault, but the way these two candidates discuss the issue will never have a positive impact on the debate over this societal scourge.

Bernie must be crying in his maple syrup back home in Vermont.

I have noticed that whenever Bernie is on the campaign trail — minus the nominee, by the way — he is often his fired-up self, discussing the issues that matter. But when his speech briefly veers into actually supporting Clinton, his body language takes on a defeated look and his spark extinguishes. I know how Bernie feels, poor guy.

So I wait…for Nov. 8, for the rapture, for the giant meteor, for whatever will end this madness.

In the meantime, I want to wish our Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving. I know that my country hasn’t been too kind to refugees, but please don’t hold that against me if I apply for citizenship after Nov. 8.

Remember, shit rolls downhill, so you’re probably safe in the Great White North.

©Yvonne C. Claes, 2016. I own this content that I created. If you would like to license it, please contact me.