For the record, you keep saying that Clinton is being investigated by the FBI.
Robin Nelsen

Umm… her emails and her actions ARE being investigated by Obama’s FBI. The Republicans are NOT the ones investigating her. Democrat Obama’s FBI and Justice Department are. Hill supporters are so quick to blame everything on Republicans, denying reality time and again. She is under investigation and this fact has been reported time and again, even by the corporate media.

May I suggest serious real news outlets such as The Intercept and The Young Turks for information. Corporate media has a dog in this race, and her name is Clinton.

As for Bernie, he has said he is taking this battle to the convention floor. It’s highly unlikely that either candidate will have enough pledged delegates to secure the nomination. Hill will have to rely on Superdelgates to get the nomination. Sure, they are loyal now, but just like with Obama, I am confident many will switch. Plus, Berners will show up in the thousands if not millions to Philadelphia to put pressure on those corporate-bought politicians. Hill can’t even fill a conference room with her supporters. #FeelTheBern