Yeah… You Berners, are effing DANGEROUS… NOT because you are right, but because even though you…

Wow! 56 Berners did not show up…fascinating! Since you seem unwilling to do some research, I’ve done it for you. See below:

The delegates did show up; they had their credentials stripped based on technicalities that remain unclear to this day.

I watched all 17 hours of the event, which was live streamed on Periscope. Video recordings of the live streams also are available on Youtube. Please look at the next two brief videos that include firsthand accounts of delegates who were at the convention. (BTW, the guy on the left is some tool by the name of Ralston who made up the story about Berners throwing chairs at the convention to make Bernie look bad).

This article debunks the BS claim that Berners threw chairs after being disenfranchised:

Oh, and for craps and giggles…here is yet another article about continued election fraud by the DNC, this time in Kentucky. Hillary only seems to “win” when there is election fraud.


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