No assumptions were made about you. NONE.
H. Nemesis Nyx

  1. scripten: whether or not the author of the piece is PoC makes no difference in the questioning of her ‘safeness’ (by nemesis) in having this conversation with me. PoC are diverse and do not necessarily have the same struggles, outlook, or understanding of white supremacy just because they identify as people of color. within PoC groups, there is political diversity as well. we have a saying in my circles…all yo skin folk ain’t yo kinfolk.
  2. nemesis: i agreed with you here- “The way a ‘safe person’ behaves is to listen to others and hear them out in a respectful way. That isn’t what happened here.” the author of the piece set the tone for the thread by dismissing my questions. this is an experience i’ve had many times over with leftists who try to do good, but don’t want to hear critiques of any kind about matters that relate to resisting white supremacy.
  3. meg: if you feel that nemesis is overstepping into a conversation between two PoC, you may want to reflect upon your own response to this as well. the author of the original piece feels assumptions were made, but did not list them herself. your opinion is that i assumed that the author is white. i didn’t assume that. my experience in dialoguing with PoC of different groups is much too nuanced for that assumption to be made. you said that the author was “hurt and angry” about my post. okay, if that is the case, then let the author voice that herself openly and clearly, and i will respond of my own accord.
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