How to Easily be a White Ally to Marginalized Communities
Christopher Keelty

two things.

  1. i appreciate that you have been sharing your voice and thoughts amongst white people. i’d like to encourage you (and other white people) to continue to take these challenging stances amongst each other. in many cases, this is where the heart of the work is. white people are more inclined to listen to other white people.
  2. on that note, i’m wondering if you noticed that your original piece as blogged was catapulted pretty quickly to huffpo level while other pieces like yours written by PoC were not? anyone can let me know if i’m wrong, but it seems to me that your piece is the one that is getting lots of airplay rn. consider that as a white man you have more influence in getting your message out. it may be worth your while to also elevate the voices of PoC who have already been doing this work/talking about these issues as you continue to address public audiences. just a thought.
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