Message to my POC sisters and brothers and to woke white people
Anoosh Jorjorian

“We are going to need woke white folks”


white folks cannot be “woke.”

an acquaintance of mine rightfully pointed this out and it became crystal clear to me why this attribution to white people who do their best to be decent folks bugs me. this acquaintance also noted that white folk were never sleep on white supremacy. they been knowing. that’s why they are where they are — including the ones who don’t oppress others but benefit from the oppression.

“woke” comes from the black vernacular and cannot apply to white people because it is outside of their cultural context. that also goes for nonblack poc. black work toward revolution is different than other folks’ work and should not be misconstrued if different groups are going to work in tandem as a united front.

there are white people who try to rectify wrongs, no doubt, and that’s cool.

i’m just tired of the appropriation of black struggle for various ways of describing how different folks fit into resistance in general.

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