Hi, I’m Yvonne.

This post is targeted majorly at people who are new to Tech, trying to find their way around and probably confused about where to start rolling from. You will also find this article helpful if you want to share to and mentor newbies.

Well, Start here 😌

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you some of the most practical ways to get started in Tech. These ways have been proven to be effective by those who are already in the field so you can trust my judgment😌

So read, apply wisely and be on your way…

You’ll start making better design decisions if you read to the end…

Being a product UI/UX designer is exciting and fun on the Artboard, until that little voice comes reminding you again that a little decision you make could either make or mar a product or even the reputation of a startup (because it all still boils down to a startup’s product). It might not seem so, but that’s quite some pressure on a Product designer. A part of the success of a Digital product is dependent on your thinking! How convenient..

Not only is design trying to get at…

There’s an obvious disparity between the number of women in technology compared to the number of men in technology, and it calls for nothing but more intentional advocacy and educative research as to why it is so.

According to a report from unsouthsouth.org in 2019, there are only 30% of women in the tech workforce in Sub-Saharan Africa as compared to 70% of males and a gross underrepresentation of women in STEM fields.

Is it really a problem?

A small percentage of women participating actively in the Technology space may not be a ‘problem’, but there are underlying issues. …

Ever been on a website or software application to achieve a goal and there’s so much inconsistency?

I mean, let’s say you’re the most clueless person in the world but yet you know a bit about how to navigate through an App or Website but somehow this Website or App you’re using just doesn’t offer you consistency. Every time you move to the next or previous page, you feel as if you’re on an entirely different Website or App. There’s no flow, and you’re honestly put off.

Well that probably happened because the product design team didn’t have a design…

My Journey Into Tech: From the Genesis to Genesys Techhub

A summary of my journey into Tech..

The Genesis

Computers have always been one of ‘my things’; from being a little girl who loved sitting and exploring my Father’s Desktop computer to evolving into the young adult who still excitedly sits in front of her laptop - except now she’s sure of exactly how and what to use it for. …

Yvonne Ogwulu

I'm enthusiastic about using Design & Technology to solve user-problems 👩‍💻 || Website: https://yvonneogwulu.disha.page #TGM

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