Ideas: Using Facebook Live in Groups

If you are in my free Big Me Uppers Group you would’ve seen me go LIVE this week for the first time with some ideas about how you can use Facebook Live to get clients for your business.

You can check out my impromptu video here [please excuse the no make-up state of me hahahaha but that’s live for you] you don’t need to prep just pick up the camera and go when you feel like it. Having said that it’s usually a good idea to be decent when going to air and not laying in bed half naked….


That may be a nice little side line, I’m joking.

Look what I’m saying here is if the mood strikes go for it — you don’t have to be perfect. Impromptu broadcasts are real and authentic and sometimes the breaking news is too big to wait.

However when you do have time get the lighting right — look smart like you would and work and get some bullet point notes ready for the content.

It also helps if you have a call to action ready like — click the link in the feed below for whatever it is you are pitching/talking about.

You can see my first broadcast here over on the Big Me Uppers’ Page

So how can you use this to get leads and grow your business?

Or even more important I think — how to give great value to the clients you already have.

Facebook Live in Groups is exactly that — it’s a place where you can talk to your community for free.

If you have paid for groups (I have 3 of these with Press Club, Media School and 121 Coaching) then you can pop in regularly and talk to your guys.

Or maybe you have a free group (also known as a feeder group) full of people interested in you and what you have to offer. If you don’t have one of these set one up right away and start offering value and building your crowd.

You go LIVE by going to your group as if you are going to write a status update and you will see an icon next to picture — video and write — the icon is a man with a halo. Just click on that — put your title in and press the Live button it’s as easy as that.

If you don’t see it try turning your phone off and back on or updating your version.

So my Top 10 Tips on how you can use this for your groups.

1: Ditch Google hangouts and expensive Go-To Webinar and hold your monthly meetings using this free software instead — especially if you are watching the pennies.

2: Launch your new product/service/class in a special breaking news broadcast and invite people to sign up.

3: Demo new products/clothing ranges with a live show and then invite people to buy.

4: Put on live training events or Q&A’s with your guys so you can go deeper on some subjects.

5: Live cookery shows showing your protein shake in the morning or healthy lunch prepped in 5 mins

6: Live fitness classes — if you always wanted an online business Facebook just gave you the tools for FREE

7: One on one sessions/chats with high end clients — who said a group had to have more than one person.

8: Tv Show — create your own now and broadcast live at the same time every week

9: Clients not turning up to class? Show them what they’re missing with live reports from the session.

10: Competing? Take your audience with you on your next event.

There are loads more ways you can use this — we are just scraping the surface here. Feel free to add your ideas to the thread on the Big Me Uppers Page so we come up with a big list of ways we can use this to boost our business.

This is a massive hook and could net you a heap of loyal fans all dying to buy your products/services.

Take advantage now and dive in — don’t wait.