Do you know when to STFU? (Then why can’t you?)

No I don’t know when to STFU, do you?

So I’m interested to know how many women do have to give birth to a baby who died in utero and how often that’s qualified as an abortion. For those women my heart truly grieves.

So now I am going to make this about me, because I did have an abortion and it wasn’t for some tragic reason like I was raped, or my life was in jeopardy, or my baby died in utero. I did it because I was selfish and didn’t want to have a kid at that time in my life. If you applaud my decision, then I’m sad for you, because it was a horrible choice.

Now that I’ve had several years to consider that decision, I cannot logical wrap my head around why was okay for me to terminate the child inside me, but the instant that child would have been born, the act becomes murder. If its murder at point B, it was murder at point A.