Building a better The Economist search

  • Their search feature (on the homepage) uses Google via their Custom Search Engine product. It takes only a single input field, searches through every page on, gives you a simple list of links, is pretty slow and doesn’t allow for any filtering or sorting (example) making it pretty much useless in almost all cases where you actually want to find something.
  • For special reporting, like the case of the Economics Briefs series they created a custom PDF. Also their store allows you to order and download these special reports. Actually finding these are a hit and miss, and the idea is not a very web friendly approach.
  • They host an archive of all print editions (back to 1997!). You select a year of publishing, followed by an specific edition and then you have to look up the wanted article by going through the complete articles list.
  • They have specific segment-like landing pages on their website. For the mentioned Economist Briefs they created a nice overview page, but there is no logical access to these pages.
    Also a large amount of these pages aren’t updated (Schumpeter and Asia) or don’t allow paging let alone search within these specific sections. The other sections (accessed by the menu bar) like Europe, Asia, United States only chronologically list articles (with limited details) and paging restricted to only three pages (a bug I presume).

The search rethought

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Leaders mentioning Google

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Yvo Schaap

Yvo Schaap

CTO / Growth

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