Final Warning Before the Three Days of Darkness

A Message From Jesus Through Yvrose Christophe By Interior Locution

“My words, My child, of the soon-to-come events of catastrophe are well documented in the Bible, but also warnings, upon warnings had been given through numerous members of My Church, throughout the entire planet.

Some chose to ignore My warnings, others brought them to a higher head in the congregation or church, and the warnings were not believed or taken seriously.

My people think if they ignore My warnings, the events will disappear or not come to pass.

Unfortunately, it isn’t so, and the events will take them off guard.

The warnings were meant to get all those who call Me their God, to get their spiritual house in order, not so much their physical being.

The most important element during those days of darkness is the state of one’s spirituality.

It will be the only weapon necessary to survive the rage and wrath of My Father and to survive the attacks of the enemy during those days.

Nothing else will work but your spiritual wellness.

If one is spiritually deprived and weak, that one is at a loss and will not be able to survive those days and the days to follow.

Not one human being will make it to the end of the events to come on the planet without developing faith, embracing their faith on the true God of the Universe, or rejecting their previous faith on their false gods.

If one remains tenacious in their trust and belief on their false god, that one will not survive the Tribulation that follows the Three Days of Darkness on planet Earth.

I will not be the one destroying all of them but the enemy will use his power to destroy many of his servants and believers, and refraining them from changing their beliefs and realizing the true God of the universe is not the false god that they have been serving, murdering for and worshiping.

Once they come to that realization, Satan knows he will lose their trust and belief, and therefore, he will kill as many unsaved souls as he can for his own glory in the abyss of Hell.

He only has one purpose, that is to restrict as many souls as he can from entering the kingdom of Heaven.

Once he is given full power over his followers and believers he will take full advantage of the situation and will kill as many as he can.

But, My children chose to ignore My warnings and prepare their souls for My soon to come events followed by the Devil’s events.

If My children have chosen to remain deaf to My numerous warnings and of My words in the Bible, especially the book of Revelation, they too will be destroyed by the hands of the enemy.

If they freely choose to follow the beast, they will also be destroyed by the dragon.

If they chose to ignore the only true God of the Universe, they too will be destroyed by the hands of Satan for ignoring Me, and opening their doors to Satan.

He will not spare even the closest of his idolaters.

He contains no love and no mercy towards his believers and followers. His engagement is only to himself and his angels.

Human beings are his enemies.

He holds no love in his heart for his servants, let alone his enemies.

My children are his enemies and his primary goal is to get rid of as many as he can before the time of My arrival.

That can be seen at the increase of violence throughout the world, where people are being killed for no reason at all.

It is all the work of the enemy.

Those senseless killings of innocent children of Mine is the proof that My coming is not far.

The worsening of world events is all pointed at a nearby event predicted in the Bible centuries ago to occur before My return to Earth.

My book [Bible] speaks for itself.

My Word stated all the things that are happening now and the ones to come soon.

If My children prefer to ignore what is written, they are making themselves available to be victimized by Satan and to follow his plan of destruction for humankind.

Woe to those that are lost and not obeying the Word of God, for they will surely become fuel in the war of the enemy, and will be used to ignite the fire of burning flame in the kingdom of Hell.

Woe to those that believe in his lies, for they will be fuel for his fire. Woe to those that survive the wrath of My Father, but have still not believed in the Word of the Messiah.

Woe to the survivors of the Three Days of Darkness, but still chose to remain stubborn and believe in false gods.

Woe to those that hold on to their false gods and deny Jesus as the true and authentic God and Savior.

Woe to humanity, to those that do not believe, for only true believers of Christ will survive the days to follow My first wrath.

Only true believers of Christ will not perish by following and believing in the wrong god.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, and this is My time to come to Earth, and to bring My judgments and rewards soon.

Children, the time in now.

Be ready. This is the last warning.

And yes, My daughter, you can publish this last message as a final warning of My wrath for planet Earth is upon them.

My coming is very soon. I love you, daughter. See you soon. Your Lord, Jesus Christ.”

Jesus, 4 December 2015

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Originally published at on December 4, 2015.