Tools shape Mindset

— Five Apps that change my life

Mobile phone has become an indispensible part of our daily life, and Apps inside our mobile phones become the extension of our life, helping us to live a life that we prefer. Today, I am going to introduce 5 Apps that change my life!

No .1 WeChat

WeChat is the most frequently used App in my mobile phone. WeChat changes the way I connect and interact with my friends. In the past, we connect with our friends by hanging out together, giving a call and text with friends. However, with the broad use of WeChat, I can now choose to text, take a voice call or video call in WeChat, and can also see the posts of my friends’ recent life or their feelings in the moments section. WeChat helps me to connect and engage with my existing friends better and enables me to know a new friend more quickly by reviewing his or her posts before.

No .2 Twitter

Twitter changes the way I get information and news. In the past, we get information mainly from newspaper and television. We receive the information and news that publishers think valuable. However, in Twitter, we can choose the accounts we want to pay attention to, the people that we want to know more about their insights. We decide the information and news that we want to see and digest. Besides, I can tweet my opinions about certain news and interact with the Twitter community, which makes me feel my voice can be heard by this world rather than only being an information receptor.

No .3 Audible

Audible is an audio book App. It changes the way I “read” books. In the past, I can only read a book when I hold a paperback book or Kindle and sit in a quiet place. However, Audible enables me to listen to books when I am doing my make up in the morning or during my daily commuting. It expands the situations where I can enjoy reading and getting insight from an interesting book.

No .4 Sleep Cycle

I always have a dream that I can get up early in the morning and feel fresh rather than sleepy. Sleep Cycle App is my perfect companion to achieve this goal. This App offers a clever solution for improving my sleep. Rather than yanking me from my slumber at a specific minute, the app analyzes my sleep pattern and then picks the moment I am sleeping lightest within a half-hour window I define to rouse me gently. Besides, I can clearly see my sleeping curve for last night, knowing my sleep quality and snoring.

No .5 Life Cycle

Life Cycle is an amazing app if you want to figure out how your time is spent or are looking to make a change. As an old saying goes, if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it. Life Cycle app is a great daily companion, automatically keeps track of my time and presents my life sorted into slices. It shows my daily activities, places I go, and who I spend time with, providing me with all the information and insights I need to improve my time management.

Tools shape mindset.

Good tools improve mindset.

I really appreciate these five apps that enable me to have a better understanding of myself and provide valuable solutions for important life issues.

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