Learn English —— Be Pride Of Accents

There are so many people are learing or have tried to learn another language which isn’t their mother language, when things happen, a lot of voice about “maybe your accent is weird”, “ maybe you should do more practice about improve your accent as well as native speakers”, or even with scorn like saying “ohhhhh, what that’s means ? Stay at home until you speak well!”.

Fine, let those unpolite things be aside, let’s talking about accent itself

Why couldn’t we just be PRIDE OF OUR ACCENDS?

Why not?

Thinking about what’s purpose in our accent? It’s Culture, it’s the way how we speak after we borned and grew.That’s our history, We bring it merge to the other language we learned, but you tried to drop it, learn a new language and tried thinking in the new language. I just feel this perspective is full of inferiority. You ought to be pride with your own culture, and bring that to impact the new culture.

Thinking about Indian English, Ireland English, Australia English and American English. Even in UK itself exist accents, the pronunciation of upper-class is different from others. Yes, that’s all come from The Great Britain, I have to admit, and The Great Britain is one of the most powerful country in all of human being history, and the others are really excellent civilization, they developing their own cultrue, their economy, and try to explain their own English. Yes, English is originate from you, but it also can be explain by me, only if my English speakers are powerful enough, our accent speakers count more.

So, you needn’t spend too too too much time on simulating the way the native speaker saying (It doesn’t means that means with no value or needless to simulate, which is depends on density). The matter is Be Pride of your Accent and be bravery to express what you want as much fluently as you could.


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