Why people love hating on China and everything Chinese

Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance is being content with your ineptitude.

Everyone is ignorant. There exists not a single person on this Earth that is all-knowing, a citizen of every country. A person who understands every nation’s pains and joys, history and revolution, victory and defeat.

I could stop here, for the answer to my original statement lies above.

I’ll make it simple.

Today, Gizmodo published the following article:

Glad to know your editors have so much time on their hands that they cannot produce an article devoid of hatred.

Glad to know they cannot make a more objective analysis of MIUI 6. That the first thing they think of is what they run with. That they cannot take a more in-depth dive into the company’s history and people. What their vision is, what their culture is, what makes their fans so passionate about the brand.


I worked for Sina and Weibo.com for almost 3 years, during Weibo’s halcyon days. It was the hottest thing on the Chinese internet. Watching the product evolve was eye-opening. Not everything was perfect. In fact, there were far more mistakes than victories. Give Sina some credit. They are a media company, not a tech company.

But even so, their platform made an impact. It influenced the global social networking space. I witnessed Twitter mimicking features that Weibo introduced first.

China loves cloning. This is nothing new.

That does not mean that this country lacks ingenuity and talent.


Technology is about advancement. About making people’s lives better and more beautiful.

The forwarding of technology is not about hating one’s competitors and wasting time tearing another company’s work apart, all the while your own work lies stagnant.

Stop hating.

Stop judging.

Stop nit-picking.

Start working.

I cannot finish this post as I’m about to hop onto a plane. I’ll finish later.

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