You are stronger than you think.

Mental and physical abuse are unacceptable. Recognize it and walk away.

Everyone is broken.

Genetics and upbringing often already derange individuals. However, the decisions we make and relationships we cultivate after 18 remain under our control.

As often as I think of the evil and wretchedness of this world, I have hope, I try to think positively, and I find apathy to be sacred in many social situations.

Sometimes it is best not to ruminate. Sometimes it is best to distract yourself and let go.

You cannot change other people. You can only change yourself, and attempt to guide those you care about. It takes a tremendous amount of will power for a person to change himself, to recognize his inherent faults, and to rise above.


To men and women both I implore you

Love is blind. It is kind and giving, it holds no grudges.

It is patient.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

But everyone is broken. The way people’s behaviors change consciously and unconsiously after the infatuation and make-up periods disappear are often selfish, hurtful, impatient…

the opposite of love.

Be aware. Protect yourself.

Get out, before it’s too late. Sadism and masochism exist in almost all serious relationships. It’s a push and shove, an action and a reaction. An inaction and massive frustration.

If it’s logically possible to fix something that is already broken, then persevere.

Transform that relationship into an undying friendship, mold it into something that predominantly brings positive energy into your life.


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