Final Project Proposal_Week 1_self & peer reflection

The process of self-reflecting and being scrutinised by peers is somehow intimidating. On one hand, I am excited for this activity to help me to discover potential opportunities for myself that I may have overlooked. On the other hand, being scrutinised makes me nervous. By looking at the assessments afterwards, I saw some lovely and supportive comments, which made me feel relieved. Thanks, folks!

This activity is well-structured, and with a straightforward purpose. Firstly, we examine ourselves and receive comments in order to reach a narrative about our own abilities. In order to explore our ‘interests and future plan’, we need to use our skills, knowledge and peers. The network is the people we might get help from. This series of processes are all designed to help us identify the resources available to us to create better proposals in near future.

Based on this thought, I consider my participation in this activity as a process of creating a collaborated narrative design fiction. Although this activity is intended to help us in academic rather than design practice, the process of imagining an uncertain future product based on existing information is similar to the use of design fiction in service design.

With the thought of making a design fiction, I made it up with my answers for the self-peer reflection. I have passions for experience designing, behaviour changing and the theory of designing. Since I am planning to do a PhD after I graduate with MASD. Thus, I believe that I should try to work on the academic framework of experience designing or behaviour changing. To achieve my academic goal, I would definitely use my research skills. I would also use networking skills to get advice for my final project. The story is viable but boring. From a reflective perspective, my interest in academics over-limited me in my choice of topics regarding the proposal.

The story combined with my peers’ reviews got more interesting. Many of them mentioned words like “money” “financial knowledge” “economics” etc. These comments made me start to think out of the box and brought me two points of inspiration. Firstly, my interest in academics should never become a burden, my final project not be limited to the research on design theory. Secondly, I sometimes fail to realise how supportive my background can be. As a MASD student, I have a unique background in economics, and I could use this background to my advantage in the designing of my final project to provide a new perspective on service designing.



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