Interaction Design Process Blog

What Did I Do?

First of all, my design is related with noise level. I choose patients for my user group. Patients sometimes wonders if the environment is good. I wanted to design an app for them to test the noise level and tell them if it is a great environment. I drew a loading page with hospital sign. I also drew the main page with the main function buttons. There were also share page, information page and history page. For the video part, I wrote a draft of my voiceover and recorded the draft before took the video. In the end, I added the voice and background music to the video.

Here is the link of my video:

Reflect A Bit On My Experience

During the process, I keep thinking how to make it easier for the users to figure out what are the buttons for and how to use the app. Therefore, I made these buttons and pages as easy as I can. When I try to use it, I still find it may still be a little confusing when other people using these buttons. Also, such a small app needs so many slides to complete it. I think I may add something in the design that may motivate users to participate if I can make it differently.

What Did I Like About This Project, And Why?

I never made an app before taking this class. I’m really interested in this project when thinking, drawing and making it. Also, the idea is to help citizens to improve their lives. This project helps me learn about designing an app and some simple process of designing. Also, I learn about thinking from user groups to functions of the app. This project is my first step in prototyping.

What are some places in our society where the kinds of work you did could potentially make a difference? In other words, why is this type of work important?

Not only apps are human-centered design, but also many products are, such as wheelchairs, phones and child seats. For apps, designers need to think about if it is easy for users to figure out functions and information. For real products, designers need to think about if the product is easy to use, to hold, even to install. Every steps of designing this type of work is thinking what the users is going to do when using it. Nowadays there are large numbers of apps and products used and designed by people. The designers learn from users and think as a user. Products are becoming human-centered. This type of work provides tools for citizens to use in their daily life in order to make their lives easier. Every product is designed based on the users’ information. This type of work points out the importance of “human-centered” products in our society.

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