Visualization Process Blog

1. Explain your process including what was entailed in moving from your first exposure to Tableau kit to ultimately generating your data representations.

Cleaned 911 January Data
data of initial type group presented in packed bubbles

First of all, I read the data set carefully in order to learn the type of each data and the content of each data type. I first define the user group as the police. Then, I thought about which data is useful for the police in their future work. I finally chose the data of zone/beat presented in a
horizontal bar to help the police to dispatch police officers to different areas more efficiently, the data of scene time & date presented in a bar chart to help the police to learn about when is the busiest days in a month, and the data of initial type group presented in packed bubbles to help the police to be fully prepared for all the frequently happened cases. If I will do something more on this project, I would make a visualization for each useful data set for different goals.

Link to my final submission:!/

2. Reflect a bit on your experience.

Process of choose chart for the data of district

This is my very first exposure to Tableau. I encountered many problems, such as confusing about choosing charts. I spent lots of time thinking about what kind of chart can make the visualization clearer and easier to read. I also face the problem of labeling the data. I wanted to put only the most useful information in the labeling part, so I had to filter the information. If I can do it differently based on my experience, I might make more labels to make the information in my visualization more complete.

3. Wildcard: What types of chart did you use? Why did you use these types of chart? Are you going to make ay changes if you can do it differently?

I used horizontal bar, bar chart, and packed bubbles. I used the horizontal bar because it could rank crime rates with different color depths. The reason I used bar chart was to compare when was the busiest time in a month, the date with the tallest bar was the day. I used packed bubbles because it made the initial data type presented as bubbles of different sizes based on the frequency. If I could do it differently, I may try to use pie chart with labels when to make the visualization of the data of initial type group.

4. Think beyond your assignment. Define another user group and some questions they might have. Explain how data representations could help them to answer those questions to understand a greater issue in society.

Citizens in Washington State can be another user group. 
The questions they might have:
1. When the citizens want to buy a new house, where is the safest place to live ? Where is the dangerous district?
 We can use the data of district/sector, call longitude and call latitude. We will clearly know which district is the place where least crimes happened on the map. That district will be the safest place for citizens to live with the best social order. For the places where most crimes happened, citizens may have to change this situation from making more kids to be educated. 
2. What kind of prevention do people need to do to protect themselves in different areas?
 To solve this problem, we can use the data of event clearance group. The type of event happened most in this area will be the thing that citizens and police need to do prevent.

Where is the perfect housing area?