30 Days Out cutting plan — Day 3

In the morning, I usually have 2 whole boiled eggs and a protein shake. The ON one with 30g of protein per scoop. Sometimes its difficult to chug those eggs so I just drink the protein shake to water it down. It’s very important to make sure I get enough protein in this program.

Surprisingly, I got one follower without any marketing last night. Looks like she posts a lot. I just now browsed a little bit on her posts. I am just wonder how she posts large photos. They look elegant.

It’s only 917 am and I have a feeling that I will get hungry again very soon, maybe not even till 11am. I usually wanna last till 11 or 12 to eat the first big meal. Let’s see, I still feel sore on my shoulders but not so much on my back, which should be sore. Actually, I just tries to move a little bit and felt my upper back. What about the lower back??????

This is 1902. I am back at work from the gym. The meal was fantastic as always. Two of these everyday. I can’t convince some people how I lost weight. Today’s workout was not easy. I had to push hard to get those pound per set exercises down. Picked 30lb cable press I had to do 30 reps per set. I usually try to do more than what the plan says. I do 30 min steady state instead of 25 as required. I gotta get to where I wanna be. I don’t fuck around. And I cut my thumb while workout out today and didn’t realize it until I saw the blood. It was worse than it looks now. I feel satisfied today and I reminded myself that I said I will push harder from yesterday. And I did.

Still I wanna talk about my emotion. Usually I want to tell her what I do everyday or if I see something interesting. I think about her all the time. Now I am hesitant to talk to her because I don’t like the feeling of getting no reaction from someone you care. I am not interested either if the affection is not comparable. And this is worst for long distance. Just so I know, this is note to myself; I did what I promised her: if we end up not getting together, it’s not because of me.

And I know I care too much. But this is how I am when I have the feeling. I give my all once the “game” is over or when I don’t feel the need to play. I don’t care getting no replies from someone I just met or someone I don’t care about. But I don’t expect her to do that at best. At night when you are all alone and having nothing else on your mind, you don’t ever think about looking at my yet-to-respond messages? It just bugs me that I saw her on social media the next day. My friends don’t even do that. Sigh the bottom line is that I need to get better myself and stop caring as much as I used to. And I am doing a better job. I know I might have put her in a tough situation as well since we only met one day. It’s crazy for anyone. Lol fuck I complain too much.

Talking about the changes of my body and my emotion throughout this program is important because I need to be physically and emotionally healthy. This is why I am the alpha. I don’t let shit like this stop me.

Tomorrow is day 4. Bring it on.

Almost forgot, I took a photo with a UFC fighter.

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