30/8/2017 | Wednesday | @ Singapore


I am grateful forโ€ฆ

  1. short work week โ€“ somehow more tasks get accomplished within a shorter period knowing that I do no have much time to waste
  2. having completed a few emails yesterday that Iโ€™ve been putting off, giving today to a better and more chill start
  3. boss of our business โ€“ she gives me hope and I can truly learn somethings from her

What would make today great

  • Going to fama after work
  • Getting more items checked off on my to-do list
  • Complete freelance work that is due

Daily affirmation. I amโ€ฆ

The master of myself. I will not give in to temptations that are bad for my health.


3 Amazing things that happened today.

  1. Had a fruitful team meeting this morning, presented some views โ€“ I like how interactive and open our boss is.
  2. Having a bit of muscle ache which means I finally worked out (bjj yesterday) after being busy and sick for a week.
  3. Hang out with Wanwan after fama โ€“ miss her as sheโ€™s taking a break from fama, lesser workout+hangout time.

How could I have made today better?

Made sure that freelance timeline is met, always check the dates and plan ahead to avoid rushing last minute work.

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