Spare some for yourself…

Am I the only one who has three friends? I am talking about those certain people you can trust your life with and they trust you back. People who knows you the most and accept everything about you without judgement. Those who you miss when they are not around. Those who first pops out of your mind to call whenever you need someone to talk with. People who come to your life because you want and believe that they are purposely meant to be there. Not just someone you can figuratively call a “friend” just because you feel the pressure to have one. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a list of people in my mind that I considered as my “friends”. I do not mean to say that having a lot of people to call as “friends” is not a good thing, because it is, only when you’re with good ones. What I’m trying to elaborate here is to learn when, what, and who deserves to be kept or to be laid off (apologies). If this is to be done, do not bear the cross. This is all part of life and the chance to explore it vastly are equally given to both sides.

Do not let anyone be a baggage and hinder your way to success and happiness. Rant, over.

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