Improving Patient Care in the ICU

How can we design the digital version of plan of the day to make coordinated decision making more effective in the ICU?

Understand Users


Prominence (left): Emphasize on making information more visible throughout the 24 hour period. Day / Night (center): Emphasize on the difference between day and night shifts, and providing help for day and night handoff. Severity (right): Emphasize on providing a solution to improve the usage of Plan of the Day when emergent situation happens during the 24 hour period.

Iterate and Prototype

We conducted six 20-minute testing sessions with residents and fellow from Harborview ICU team over three days, evaluating our web and mobile design through Axure and Marvel prototype.


Single Patient View

ICU View

Mobile Side

HCI Researcher & Technologist, PhD Candidate @ GroupLens, University of Minnesota