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UX research method at the first glance: powerful and exciting

Back in 2016, while I started to learn UX systematically, I was very excited about every method in the UX tool kit I learned. I was like the little girl first entering the fair and looking at all the appealing recreation facilities and murmuring in my mind: aha, I can do this playing this tool. It was an ideal world that every method is useful and all my concern as an amateur UX designer is to pick the most suitable method under a certain context.

After a couple of years working in the industry, I no longer discuss with my peers when and how to pick the right method. Instead, sometimes, we talk more about how to convince the team even conduct the user research (mmm 🤔 it’s kind going backward as you might want to point out). This might not be true for some of the companies with established UX team or adequate funding out there. But as my experience is always with an early-stage startup that strives to grow, build, survive and move faster, I understand UX research could be a luxury lot of time. …


Zoie Zhu

UX and growth at Jefit

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