And why, despite how it may seem, it genuinely is getting easier

I was recently thinking about different options available to someone trying to start a career in venture. Venture Capital is still very much an apprenticeship industry — which is to say that junior VCs are enabled by the abilities of those they work with — and so the best way to learn about investing is to work with investors you respect.

When I began to think about making a move to venture, I was repeatedly told that the opportunities to do so are boundless (especially for recent college grads or those in their early 20s). But that likely won’t ring…

Some members and alumni of the DRF NYC team

We joined Dorm Room Fund over a year ago because of its clear and compelling mission: finding and funding the best student entrepreneurs in the country (and now in Canada, too!). In the year that we’ve been a part of the NYC Investment team, we’ve been incredibly lucky to lead investments in student-run companies like Macromeasures, Produce Pay, and Pundit. Now, we’re thrilled to take our involvement to the next level as the new Managing Partners of Dorm Room Fund NYC.

In the last year alone, the Dorm Room Fund community has grown in incredible ways: we’ve seen our 100th…

Macromeasures: helping marketers understand their millennial customers.

Since joining Dorm Room Fund last year, I’ve been lucky to be able to work with some of the most exciting companies coming out of college campuses across the country (and beyond!). I was introduced to Vasu Nadella, the CEO of Macromeasures, early last year, and I closely watched him and his team progress with interest. Today, I’m excited to be able to announce our investment in Macromeasures: the easiest way for marketers to understand their millennial customers.

The Macromeasures team

Retailers use Macromeasures’ profiles in conjunction with their own data to build a deeper understanding of their customers. This unified view of…

Zak Kukoff

One man party round. Investing early at General Catalyst.

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