Looking on the bright side of emergency root canal

Before we get started: Go brush and floss your teeth. And use Listerine to rinse your mouth out. And floss a bit more.

If you can help it, don’t get a root canal. If it’s too late, at least make sure things don’t get to the point where you can’t sleep because it’s too painful to lay your head on a pillow.

It sucks to be at that point.

But, I’d rather not dwell. There were a bunch of other good things that happened, and they’re happier thoughts:

  • I was able to take the morning off by saying “I need to go to the dentist tomorrow morning. Sorry I’ll be missing a meeting.”
  • I was then able to take the afternoon by saying “Emergency root canal, so, my ooo morning is extending into the afternoon.” in the team chat.
  • I was able to see my dentist and get referred over to an endodontist quickly.
  • I have insurance that covered most of the procedure, and can afford to pay the rest out of pocket.
  • I have good friends who I can put down as local emergency contacts in case something went very wrong.
  • Nothing went wrong.
  • I’m not in pain. (I am somewhat sore, but, fillings for cavities have left me in worse shape.)
  • It was a gorgeous day out today.
  • I somehow made it into the office immediately after having root canal, and could celebrate the launch of the Medium Editor on iOS with the rest of the team.
  • I held off on having any of the chocolate that was at the party.
  • When I made it into the office, everyone who knew was like “Why are you here? Go home and rest!”
  • I work with a whole bunch of really fantastic people.
  • My endodontist — and not one of his assistants — called up to make sure I knew to take the medicine (ibuprofen) he gave me as I somewhat groggily stumbled out of the office (thanks, laughing gas).
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