the phenomenology of automobile branding.

Tis, of course, the most involuntary act to look upon a brand of a car as a testament to the purchase. Well, duh, of course we look at the logo as a way to judge the car as a whole. Why? Because that’s exactly what the marketing firm wants us to think. To be quaint, it is of utmost certainty that these logos are a neurological trap. Its something in those symbols that connects our subconscious to the ads on TV. Constantly broadcasting commercials, we have become so brainwashed to the point where we can instantly name the brand after a fragment of the picture. Not even the whole, but a fragment. Once again, our subconscious mind connects with these symbols. Similar to how we depict the image of a cloud floating above. Constantly floating above. A blank canvass in which our mind relates to something worldly. And unfortunately, the word “worldly” is just a cover up for our society, or to be more specific, capitalism.