OGQ’s NEXT Blockchain launched on Mainnet Ontology: Good News for Content Creators!

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In the previous post, I have introduced OGQ’s blockchain project with the aim to establish an ecosystem for content creators. The integration of NEXT Blockchain to OGQ’s platforms and services can be a valuable case of analysis for other content platforms, suggesting how platform business owners can refer to technical solutions for copyright protection.

Therefore, the post today will be focusing on the technical aspect of this integration, most importantly where the blockchain is launched, and how it is connected with OGQ’s various platforms and products.

NEXT Blockchain launched on Ontology

As a Dapp, the NEXT Blockchain is launched on OGQ’s partner Mainnet, Ontology.

Ontology is a high performance, open source blockchain specializing in digital identity and data. The ontology blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and customized public blockchains for applications. Committed to building a distributed trust collaboration platform, Ontology also enables collaboration among chain networks with protocol groups.

It’s core strategy “Technology + Governance + Ecosystem” echos with OGQ’s ambition to rebuild creators’ rights as well as the working environment, and OGQ’s cooperation with this Mainnet established a solid basis for NEXT.

The Synergy Cycle and Service Integration

Now that the NEXT blockchain is properly launched on the Mainnet, how can it work to secure the copyright of contents uploaded by global creators through OGQ’s diverse web-based and app-based open content markets?

The NEXT Blockchain is connected to all of OGQ’s markets and products through the OGQ Central Platform (OCP).

While OGQ’s markets, services, and applications, including those co-established with partners, are operated at the service layer, the NEXT Blockchain will be recording all transactions made in each products and all contents uploaded to the OCP continuously at the platform layer.

Thanks to the reliable and irreversible record of transaction and content ownership on the NEXT Blockchain, both content creators and consumers are expected to benefit from this project.

Below is a more detailed introduction about the service and product components in the synergy cycle above.

1. OGQ Central Platform

OGQ Central Platform(OCP) is a core module of NEXT that transfers creator and content data to the blockchain. Contents stored on OCP are distributed to every market platform, and third-party services linked to OGQ.

2. OGQ Creator Studio

OGQ Creator Studio (OCS) provides easy-to-use design and editing tools that can be used by anyone to create quality content. All contents uploaded, created, and edited in OCS is saved on the OCP, and recorded on the NEXT.

3. OGQ Market Group

OGQ Market Group refers to all OGQ content markets where creators can share and sell various content types, such as Naver OGQ Market, and AfreecaTV OGQ Market. These markets are linked to OCP for operation. The NEXT records all transactions made in the Market Group, which improves the reliability of the overall platform system.

4. OGQ Commerce

It is a service for creators to sell and manage creative products designed in OGQ Creator Studio. Creators first apply their digital designs on items such as mugs and canvas bags in OCS, and sell the products through OGQ Commerce. NEXT ensures the reliability of the service by recording every order and contract in the platform.

5. OGQ Developers

It refers to the service that provides Open API of data and contents stored in OCP for partners to participate in the ecosystem. Any service that uses OGQ creators’ contents (e.g. photos, illustrations, videos, GIFs, music, voice, documents) can become a part of the OGQ ecosystem. Transactions in these partner services can also be recorded securely onNEXT.

6. OGQ Copyright Protection & Tokenization

NEXT technically protects all contents stored in OCP. The OGQ Copyright Protection Service provides legal support and sends notifications in case the copyright infringement. Xreator also has plans to tokenize digital contents of popular creators in OGQ’s environment to reinforce the protection of their IP.

***more about token economy will be introduced in the next post!

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

In the next post, I will introduce more about Xreator’s token economy and how it is going to benefit content creators and clients in this ecosystem.

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